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High 5!® Program

The High 5! ® Program introduces a simple, yet impactful framework about strengths and communication preferences. It helps participants improve their personal, interpersonal, and team effectiveness; and emphasizes the importance of employee engagement and self-awareness. 

Level 5: Specialized Classes

Address specific workforce needs utilizing the High 5! ® Program. Possible topics include: Stress Management, Conflict Resolution & Communication, Diversity & Inclusion, Innovation/Problem Solving, & Customer Relations/Influencing. 

Level 4: Team Effectiveness Workshop

A one day session offered to intact teams (or teams with cross-functional responsibilities) with the goal of helping them improve their day-to-day working relationships understands their team dynamics and performance. 

Level 3: Supervisory Training

A class for supervisors which explores their leadership role and helps them improve their day-to-day working relationships with employees (i.e., improving communication, coaching and leadership skills, and how to engage employees). 

Level 2: Executive Coaching 

Development sessions designed for Executive leaders to learn more about themselves, the High 5! ® Model, and their Insights Discovery Profile. 

Level 1: Workplace Communications 

A three-day high level core interpersonal skills awareness course, which sets the stage for successful interactions in the workplace. Increase self-awareness, personal goal planning, and focus on individual development plans.

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