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Just Say Yes

By Deborah E. McGee

Throughout my 31 years as a military spouse with 22 moves under my belt, I have learned valuable lessons about leadership. Both formal and informal leadership roles have shaped my perspective on what it truly means to lead with servanthood at the forefront. By applying these principles, I have found great success.

Leadership, in my opinion, should always be about serving others and making things better, not just getting tasks done. As a military spouse, I found myself in many informal leadership roles where I had to use my influence to support various missions and initiatives. This experience served as a solid foundation for me to understand the essence of true servant leadership in my formal leadership positions.

The power of saying YES has been a driving force in my career. I have continuously said YES to opportunities that presented themselves, even when they seemed daunting or unexpected. From taking on full-time work during battalion command to working internationally during a PCS to Germany, each YES led to new possibilities and growth in my career.

I believe that informal leaders play a crucial role in shaping attitudes and making positive changes in various situations. By simply saying YES and supporting the mission at hand, we can have a significant impact on those around us. This mindset has guided me through numerous challenges and transitions, allowing me to thrive in both military and corporate settings.

Military spouses and veterans possess a unique set of skills and experiences that set them apart in the workforce. Their ability to think outside the box, make quick decisions, and adapt to changing circumstances makes them valuable assets in any organization. Employers are often eager to work with military spouses and veterans due to these qualities, and it’s essential for military spouses and veterans to recognize and leverage their strengths in the professional world.

Having the confidence to take the lead, face unknown challenges, and turn obstacles into opportunities is a valuable skill that sets us apart as military community members. By having faith in ourselves and our abilities, we can tackle any challenge with courage and determination. Our faith and beliefs can serve as a guiding light in times of uncertainty, giving us the strength to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.

I encourage you to take the Leadership Attitude assessment to determine your influencing style and uncover areas for growth. By understanding your attitude and influence abilities, you can make meaningful changes and continue to develop as a leader. Additionally, my book, “The Leadership Attitude,” offers insights into my own leadership journey and the changes I made to my leadership style over the years.

I urge you to embrace opportunities, say YES to new challenges, and have faith in your abilities as a leader. Your unique skills and experiences make you an asset in any organization. Remember, leadership is about serving others and making a positive impact – always lead with a servant’s heart.

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