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PZI is Contender for Best Places to Work 2023 by the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce

PZI is passionate about people, so being selected as a Contender for the Best Places to Work 2023 by the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce is an honor. As a Global Human Asset Solutions company, we place the highest value on an organization’s greatest asset – it’s people.

That includes our own team, the people that innovate, collaborate and create together every day. They provide our clients with full support for their employees around the world, in 100+ countries.

Intentional culture creation is ongoing at PZI.

We understand that employees want flexible work schedules, along with in-office, hybrid and remote work options. It’s also important that work environments are diverse, inclusive and provide equality – a place where people are valued, respected, supportive of parents and family needs, trust and enjoy each other, and experience healthy leadership and collaboration.

One example is our monthly Non-Meeting Meeting. Featured speakers provide our team with a chance to learn and grow - from local business owners’ lessons and talks with book authors to learning to create charcuterie boards and other fun activities. This emphasizes the importance of taking a break, team building and investing in each person as an individual.

PZI also actively supports area charities that make a remarkable difference in our communities. We provide 5 paid hours a month for each employee to volunteer in the community. We understand the value of giving back and that directly serving others is a vital part of personal growth.

Our in-house Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness team helps ensure a workplace that values the differences we all bring to the team. We recently conducted a staff DE&I survey and will be sharing the results with everyone and using it as a tool to further strengthen our company.

Along with many other activities and benefits, PZI nurtures and empowers its people.

Our passion for people naturally includes providing Organizational Development plans and policies, and People Development training and coaching. We know it’s not easy to develop, sustain or change a culture, especially in today’s ever-changing workplace. Our real time solutions make a real difference – many highly satisfied clients consider us a trusted source.

Learn more here or contact President & CEO Deborah E. McGee.

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