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PZI's Non-Meeting Meetings: How We Promote Growth in the Workplace

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

PZI has started to incorporate what we like to call "Non-Meeting Meetings" - and they're exactly what they sound like!

Our team gathers once a month for a meeting, but one that is not work-related. These meetings focus on promoting personal growth, knowledge, and community involvement. To promote a healthy work environment, there needs to be breaks from the day-to-day! We work with people and for people, and we want to bring our own people together!

For August, we had the pleasure of hosting KC Bertling. KC grew up in the southern part of the Republic of Korea with rich customs and traditions and strict discipline from her parents and two older brothers. KC and her husband Sam are founders of Legacy 4 Korean War Veterans Foundation, where they both pour their hearts into honoring the Korean war veterans. In November 2019, they received Madison County Organization of the Year.

KC has received numerous awards, including the Department of the Army Civilian Employee of the Year from SMDC and Service to Veterans as a volunteer. We highly recommend checking out her two books! Thank you, KC!

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