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PZI Shortlisted: 2 Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards

PZI International Consulting, Inc. is honored to have received nominations in two categories of the 2023 Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards by the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM). Categories include Global Mobility Professional of the Year and Best Partnership Between a Corporate Organization and a Service Provider.

PZI International is an innovative, global human capital solutions company with presence in over 25 countries. Our Center of Excellence model is the only outsourced, single-point-of-contact for all of your global employee requirements. From Talent Globalization®, Global Employer of Record, Relocation Management, Benefits and Business Systems to Organizational/People Development, we are the premier, globally experienced solutions provider. Our experience and expertise are unmatched – quick solutions that minimize risk and maximize value. Our President & CEO Deborah E. McGee founded PZI in 2014, as an International HR/Global Mobility professional for 30 years. During that time, her groundbreaking work – combining Talent Management with Global Mobility for the first time – became the first Global Center of Excellence (GOE) in the industry.

So we are proud to be recognized by FEM for our unparalleled work, expertise and experience, and look forward to the awards ceremony at the FEM Americas Summit May 3-4 in Dallas, Texas.

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