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Smart Solutions for Hiring Foreign Nationals

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Smart Solutions for Hiring Foreign Nationals
Smart Solutions for Hiring Foreign Nationals

About The Program Increased restrictions on entrance into the U.S. , due to COVID-19 and other immigration concerns, has also led to an increase in the normal lead time for foreign nationals seeking immigration approval for U.S. employment.

At PZI International, we are strong supporters of diversity and inclusion, and as such, realize how important other nationalities and cultures are to our workforce.  With the uncertainties in the current workforce, we have increased our offerings to many corporations as well as universities, to assist them with getting these individuals hired and working for their organizations quickly.

With our Global Payroll Solutions division, we can employ and pay foreign nationals in over 170 countries worldwide.  PZI has the capability to bill U.S. companies in USD while also delivering foreign funds to these individuals, as well as complying with local labor and statutory withholding and reporting requirements in the employee’s country of residence.  PZI’s Global Payroll Solutions can be an interim or long-term solution, depending on your company’s needs.

We are currently providing these services to several large government and state organizations, in addition to corporations, and we’d love to discuss how our products can work for you.  

Reach out to our Subject Matter Experts at to determine how we can assist your organization in quickly securing the foreign talent your organization requires.

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