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The Power of Vulnerability in Coaching

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

What does coaching actually look like? And how do you start creating a culture of coaching in your organization?

Michelle Nash is the director of talent management and leadership development at PZI International and joins us to share her coaching journey. She talks about how coaching changed her, the importance of vulnerability, and so much more!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why everyone needs a coach

  • The importance of vulnerability in coaching and leadership

  • How to start implementing a coaching culture

  • What happens when you have a coaching culture

Building a Coaching Culture is presented by Two Roads Leadership Produced, edited, and published by Make More Media

Quotes "We all need a coach." - Michelle Nash "People want to show up into organizations and industry to be contributors, not just to show up and do a job, but to really have meaningful purpose and to contribute." - Michelle Nash "A leader is important, but a great leader knows it takes a team to deliver." - Michelle Nash "You're not there to solve their problems. You're there to empower them to come up with their own solutions." - Michelle Nash

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