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Unifying Communication for a Diverse Team Under Pressure

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

A team of 40 IT engineers, from 7 different countries, had an 8-week timeline to organize and implement an Enterprise Resource Planning project for their large corporation. Due to the deadline pressure and potentially hazardous misunderstandings, they chose to start with an Insight’s Discovery assessment and workshop to better understand each individual’s communication preferences.

The goal was to make sure team members were communicating with each other according to the recipient’s preferred style. The team quickly learned to adapt their communication styles to connect more effectively and efficiently. The investment they made to strategically address communication issues up front made a huge impact—the team finished their project on time and under budget!

Since 2014, PZI has provided highly transformative, customized international business and human capital management solutions to global corporations. Over the past two decades, our founder and CEO Deborah E. McGee developed a vision while innovating at successful multinational companies. Deborah's vision was to create a business with other highly-accomplished subject matter experts like herself and, in turn, effectively serve those managing global workforces. Whether a global corporation, government agency, or non-profit, PZI’s team is well-equipped to serve you in achieving your goals in improving performance. If you want to learn more about PZI Contact Us or visit our About page.

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