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Since 2014, PZI® has provided highly transformative, customized international business and human capital management solutions to global corporations.

There’s a reason why we continually amaze our clients. By quickly understanding client needs before providing innovative, practical solutions, we frequently exceed their expectations. 


Over the past two decades, our founder and CEO Deborah E. McGee developed a vision while innovating at successful multinational companies. Deborah's vision was to create a business with other highly-accomplished subject matter experts like herself and, in turn, effectively serve those managing global workforces. Today, PZI® experts can best serve our clients because of our extensive practical subject matter expertise as well as our proven success in solving international business and global human capital management challenges. With multiple locations across the globe serving Fortune 500 companies, we bring innovative and strategic solutions customized to each client’s vision, needs, and goals.


Whether a global corporation, government agency, or non-profit, PZI’s team is well-equipped to serve you in achieving your goals in improving performance.  

Our Mission

The Mission of PZI® International is to help our clients reach organizational success by empowering individuals with fluency in global strategy and communication disciplines.

Our Vision

The Vision of PZI International is to be the global leader in human capital solutions.

What Drives Us

PZI® was founded on the basis of listening to our clients and forming strong partnerships to improve business performance in real time. We have strong ethical and moral standards, which demonstrate our core values of integrity, honesty, and commitment to excellence. Our focus relies on ensuring that we are consistently delivering positive results, keeping our clients and their employees safe, aware of the ever-changing laws and, most importantly, happy. All of our employees share these values and work to sustain that motto. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ human capital’s performance and provide unique solutions for a successful business strategy.

PZI® works with Fortune 500 companies, global corporations, corporate headquarters, and small businesses.

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