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PZI® provides payroll and treasury solutions for working in the global market with international tax compliance.

Business entities are required to legally engage local workers in a foreign country. PZI® provides support to clients based in or outside the US, across 150+ countries around the world. We also have several teams of in-country experts ensuring our clients remain ethical, compliant, and updated with the latest legislative developments on a global scale. These teams also act as a local point of contact for your employees, ensuring total time-zone coverage for full-service support. 


We offer a fully compliant in-country employment solution, enabling you to transfer USD in one transaction to PZI®, allowing you to focus on growing your business in new markets. 

PZI provides payroll and treasury solutions for working in the global market with international tax compliance.

Tel: 256.513.7941


Fax: 256.513.7949


“Deborah and her team presented a program to our organization on how to manage international assignments.  Based on their extensive knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness, we selected PZI as a vendor for these services.  PZI continues to meet our expectations for implementation of initiatives, for consultation on international taxes, laws, regulations, and benefits packages, and for coordination with international assignments.  We truly value our current relationship with PZI.” - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Treasury Management

PZI® will simplify your company’s growth into the international market. PZI® manages international currency exchanges to streamline corporate treasury processes. We invoice you in U.S. dollars while paying contractors and vendors in their currency of choice. 

Global Payroll Solutions (GPS):

  • Deliverable payroll in 151 countries

  • Home and host country payroll and tax compliance

  • In-country labor compliance

  • Member of Celia Alliance global network of professionals

PZI offers global payroll solutions in 151 countries around the world:

  • 46 in Europe

  • 39 in Africa

  • 28 in The Americas

  • 20 in Southeast Asia/Pacific

  • 17 in West Africa/Middle East

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