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PZI® provides practical people solutions to maximize employee engagement and help your business thrive. 

What we offer:

Personal and leadership assessments, customized workshops, and specialty subject classes that maximize your organizational structure and solve your business’ unique human asset puzzle. Utilizing our High 5! ® system, we break down organizational barriers and rebuild cultures with a foundation of effective communication and productive performance. 

High 5! Program
PZI provides practical people solutions to maximize employee engagement and help your business thrive. 

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We are equipped to address a variety of business challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Workplace Communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Inclusion and Diversity

  • Employee Disengagement

  • Supervisor-employee relationships

  • Change management

  • Team cooperation

  • Leadership skills


“The PZI team provided our organization a detailed, informative, and personalized training agenda addressing the needs of our intended audience.  The training was administered in a professional and engaging manner and we have heard nothing but positive feedback from our employees. The training targeted areas we felt we could improve on as an organization and we have already seen positive impacts throughout our workforce as a direct result from the training PZI provided. Thank you PZI for the personal touch and attention to detail, we could not be happier with the results.” - Five Stones Research

The High 5!® Program will unify company communication and enhance performance

High 5! Program

The High 5!® Program introduces a simple, yet impactful framework about strengths and communication preferences. It helps participants improve their personal, interpersonal, and team effectiveness; and emphasizes the importance of employee engagement and self-awareness.

The series of High 5!® classes are designed to:
  • Create win-win interactions within all levels of your organization

  • Improve Supervisor-Employee relationships

  • Increase self-awareness, personal goal planning, and focus on individual development plans

  • Incorporate successful coaching skills for the workplace

High 5!® Program levels
  • Level 5: Specialized Classes 

  • Level 4: Team Effectiveness Workshop  

  • Level 3: Supervisory Training  

  • Level 2: Executive Coaching 

  • Level 1: Workplace Communications

High 5
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