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We Provide Corporate Oversight for All Your International Business Needs

At PZI® International, we understand the complexities around starting and maintaining international business opportunities in a global economy.  With more than 20 years of experience in international human resources, payroll, tax, and finance, we specialize in helping companies manage all the details of starting and growing a business outside the U.S.


We Take the Human Capital Guesswork Out of International Business Operations

So, how do you know what you don’t know? Well, that’s where we come in.  Whether it’s understanding the difference between a local employee, expatriate employee or extended business traveler;  developing complex labor and compensation plans that encompass all of them, or anticipating individual or corporate tax and payroll obligations, PZI® International is prepared to make sure all of your bases are covered long before you win that great opportunity.


Our team of subject matter experts will be on hand to help you navigate such considerations as:


Work Authorization

What type of Authorization does the employee need to perform services in the host country or even to enter the country?  Work authorization and immigration requirements vary depending on the purpose of the trip or the work being performed.  Business Development?  Training? Maintenance?  Job Fulfillment?  We can help you find the right solution by offering:


  • Immigration and Work Authorization Assistance

  • Immigration and Work Authorization Tracking

  • Immigration and Work Process Coordination

  • Employee Employment Process Coordination


Finance & Taxation

If you don’t have an entity set up yet, how do you manage the payroll and tax obligations of local nationals?  What if you need to just go for a Business Development Trip?  Will you be at risk of triggering an individual tax or corporate tax filing obligation in the host location?  Understanding Foreign Tax and Payroll rules can be daunting.  It isn’t the same in most countries and ignoring it, doesn’t make it go away.  Many companies overlook the fact that income is earned wherever services are performed, not necessarily where an employee is paid or whether the host country bears the cost.  Individuals are not treated the same as a Corporation, but an individual can quickly cause corporate tax concerns the organization didn’t intend. 


And what about travel expenses?  While true business expenses within the U.S. are not taxable, there are many countries without any business expense rules, leaving those U.S. nontaxable expenses subject to taxation in the host locale.  We excel at:

  • Compliance/Planning

  • Assessment of Compliance Issues

  • Foreign Compensation Collection

  • International Individual Tax Assistance

  • Accounting and Budget Assistance

  • Equity Compensation Tracking

  • Tax Policy Design

  • Individual Tax Briefings Assistance

  • International Executive Compensation Planning


What if your employee is imprisoned or performs activities that could compromise the corporate structure of your international business?  We recognize that effective communication, not only between departments, but with your employee is essential in preventing this from happening.  We offer such preventative measures as:



Safety & Medical Preparedness

What should you do in case of a natural disaster or a prolonged illness that prevents your employee from returning to the U.S.? The recent COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example for consideration.  Some countries will not accept a credit card for medical expenses, and many will not honor U.S. medical coverage.  We work hard to ensure you have protocols in place should such an event occur:

Cultural Concerns

Doing business internationally is definitely not the same as doing business in your home country, so how do you avoid cultural faux pas while doing business in another country? The smallest of indiscretions could spell disaster for the relationship you’ve worked so hard to establish.  We help your company overcome language and cultural barriers that might impede your overall international business goals by providing:


  • Cultural Awareness Training

  • Language Assistance

  • Communication Training


“Our experience with PZI and their Treasury Management Group has been amazing.  Their customer attention is unsurpassed.  We have found them consistently knowledgeable, available and immediately responsive.  They have helped make EAP Lifestyle Management expansion in the Carribean possible.  We highly recommend their team, without reservation and greatly appreciate their ongoing support in helping us meet the needs of our international clients.” 
EAP Lifestyle Management, LLC

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