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PZI® provides corporate system solutions to improve processes and reach industry best practices.

Program Reviews

Organizations can suffer without strategic talent globalization service structures and policies in place.  PZI’s experts will help you reach industry standards and compliance worldwide.

  • Corporate policy review

  • Current process analysis

  • Process mapping 

  • Program data mining

  • Best-practice recommendations

  • Executive report and debrief

  • Strategic planning for corporate functions

System Solutions

Maximize your team’s organization and efficiency with expertly-designed business system solutions.

  • Data management needs consultation

  • Process analysis and mapping

  • Tailored solution design 

  • Work team feedback sessions

  • Implementation and training


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“I have worked with Deborah E. McGee and her team at PZI International for more than 5 years now.  During this time they have become a true partner to me and to our corporation through their work on immigration matters for new international hires, intercompany transfers to other countries, student assignments abroad, and expatriate assignments.   They also assist us with international payroll computations and reporting, tax considerations and filings, and benefits to protect those traveling on company business and working abroad... Simply said, PZI is an extension of our business and one that we rely on for their expertise in a multitude of areas.”  - Automotive Industry Human Resources Manager


EGL - Employee Global Logistics

Affordable solutions to help corporate Talent Globalization®
teams manage international assignments.

PZI® International Consulting, Inc. now offers two solutions to assist organizations with the complexity of managing assignments that allows easy access to key data at the push of a button.  Choose the EGL® tool that fits your needs and budget:

EGL®  is a Specialized Standalone Workbook tool

This budget-friendly tool can sit on your organizational shared drive and is designed to quickly organize and process data for corporate Global Mobility and IHR teams. It features:

  • Easy-to-understand talent globalization lifecycle design that gives robust visibility over expatriate and foreign employee data

  • Instant headcount summaries based on configurable filters for your organization

  • Quick view and edit the most important data fields for an employee’s assignment

  • Easily import or add new employee data saving time and money

  • Automatically composed specialized assignment letters 

  • Anytime access to customized reporting and overall process actions

EGL®  is a Cloud-based Software tool

This affordable software includes all the functionality of the workbook tool PLUS added automation and customizable reporting tools:

  • Automation of filling in data based on contracts or policies to save your team time in entering new assignments

  • Views and editing of data is available in real-time worldwide

  • Document storage

  • Assignment action alerts

  • View aggregated data from multiple assignments in the employee view

  • Push-button reports, built to meet the needs of your organization

  • Individual user log-ins and historical change logging within the tool

  • Enhanced security to keep your data safe and compliant


Contact us today for more information or to set up a demonstration! 

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