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PZI® leads our clients to succeed in a global market with a complete spectrum of human capital solutions including Global Mobility, International Human Resources (IHR), and People Development services.

PZI® works alongside Fortune 500 companies headquartered around the world to ensure success in consulting scenarios that cross hundreds of borders.



Tax Liabilities for Short Term Foreign Assignments

A corporation sent five employees to Asia Pacific for several short term assignments, but these employees were paid in the U.S. 

Tax Liabilities for Employees Working Abroad

After a large corporation neglected to pay into a European tax system for a former employee, PZI® found ways to utilize credits back from the employee to reduce costs to the corporation. 

PZI® mitigated foreign tax penalties for a large government contractor that misunderstood SoFA exemptions. 

SoFA- Related Tax Liability and Fines

An investigation conducted by PZI® determined that a large IT company operating in 10 countries was mismanaging international personnel.

Tax and Immigration Risk for International Business Travelers
Avoiding Cyber Espionage by Understanding Communication Preferences

A phishing attempt was thwarted because the CSuite-level recipient had invested in PZI® training to learn the energy preferences of the supposed sender.

Improving Team Communication when Faced with Deadlines

PZI® conducted a workshop to empower a team of 40 IT engineers to effectively communicate with one another, helping them complete their mission-critical project on time and under budget. 

A team of 40 IT engineers, from 7 different countries, had an 8-week timeline to organize and implement an Enterprise Resource Planning project for their large corporation.

Unifying Communication for a Diverse Team Under Pressure

A phishing attempt at the non-profit executive level was foiled as the recipient found discrepancies between the email and the supposed sender’s real communication style, which was learned through PZI’s Insight Discovery energy model of communication preferences. 

Avoiding Cyber Hacking by Understanding Communication Preferences
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