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Deborah E. McGee Recognized for Her Service As 2020-2021 NAITA President

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Debbie McGee Recognized for Her Service As 2020-2021 NAITA President
Deborah E. McGee Recognized for Her Service As 2020-2021 NAITA President

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Ms. Deborah E. McGee, Immediate Past President of the North Alabama International Trade Association (NAITA), was recently recognized at the Port of Huntsville for her service as 2020-2021 NAITA President by current NAITA President Ms. Barbie Peek, who is also serving as Business Development Director for the Port of Huntsville. Ms. Peek presented Ms. McGee with a crystal globe engraved with her name and title and NAITA's logo, to thank her for her service, noting her exemplary leadership as NAITA's Chair during the pandemic and NAITA's transition to a standalone entity.

Ms. McGee served in several VP and director positions before taking on the presidency position and currently serves as the lead for the Senior Advisory Council for NAITA.

North Alabama International Trade Association (NAITA)
North Alabama International Trade Association (NAITA)

Ms. McGee, who is the President and CEO of PZI® International, headquartered in Huntsville, AL came to Huntsville in 2013, after a global career as a financial and human capital management executive with multi-national corporations. Having been part of the Steering Committee for the National Foreign Trade Council in Washington DC/NYC for many years, Ms. McGee was surprised to find such a unique organization located right here in Huntsville, AL.

“NAITA has a unique opportunity to highlight international expansion in the region, assist with complex training topics for international corporations and provide global networking and connection capabilities for global corporations, as well as those that are beginning that global expansion,” stated Ms. McGee. Having spent her entire career in the global arena, Ms. McGee understands the complexities of each aspect of globalization.

“My corporation and I will always be big supporters of NAITA, as it emphasizes where we are going as a community and expanding not only the region but also our community’s global footprint. I would encourage all of our international corporations and organizations to become more involved in NAITA initiatives, so we grow, not only domestically, but globally, here in the Mid-South Region.”


The North Alabama International Trade Association (NAITA) is a business-driven organization committed to increasing knowledge, interest, and activity in international trade in North Alabama for 39 years. NAITA’s mission is to provide international trade education, advocacy, and connections to promote economic growth in North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley. Further information on NAITA is available at

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