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PZI's EGL Premier

PZI International held its premier EGL Client Invite-Only Event at The Ledges Country Club in Huntsville, AL, on September 21.

The event was well attended by current and prospective clients looking for a solution to managing the global data requirements of working internationally. Large multinational companies are already using the EGL International HRIS tool to manage their foreign employees and international expatriate workforce, all in the same system.

If you would like a private demo of this tool and how it might help your organization, you can learn more about EGL online today:

Over the past two decades, our founder and CEO, Deborah E. McGee, developed a vision while innovating at successful multinational companies. Since 2014, PZI has provided highly transformative, customized international business and human capital management solutions to global corporations. Deborah's vision was to create a business with other highly-accomplished subject matter experts like herself and, in turn, effectively serve those managing global workforces. Whether a global corporation, service industry, or government agency, PZI’s team is well-equipped to serve you in achieving your goals in improving performance.

To learn more about PZI, Contact Us or visit our About page.

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