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Resiliency: How Can I Move Forward?

Resiliency: How Can I Move Forward?
Resiliency: How Can I Move Forward?

Heavy traffic, spotty wi-fi, a crying baby, or a scary health report – throw holiday presents on top, and life is stressful! If we aren’t mindful, we can lose ourselves in it. That’s where resiliency comes in – moving forward in life’s challenges. PZI International recently received its Military Spouse Employment Partner (MSEP) certification. We understand the importance of the military spouse and how their resiliency keeps the Warfighter Mission moving forward.

April McGee - Military Spouse Resilience
April McGee

April McGee is a perfect example of why Military Spouses are the epitome of resiliency. April is an Army Spouse whose husband is currently in command of a Ranger Company, a Certified Personal Fitness trainer, and a mother of three children: five years old and under. She knows stress. She also focuses on her faith, her family, and her priorities to get through it.

April recently ran the Heroes of America Marathon in Columbus, Georgia, and won first place in the Overall Female Division (time 3:20!).

"Anything worth having takes hard work, faith, and commitment,” she reflected. “I have a passion for running, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily. There are obstacles and excuses I could use, but I’ve learned keeping up with my passion builds my confidence and love for myself. That benefits my family and me. I use my running time every day for my alone time with God and to refocus on what’s important in my life. ”

Resiliency isn’t easy. But it propels us forward. This holiday season, try to focus on special times with family and friends, faith and family traditions, and what brings you joy. Take breaks from the hustle and bustle to enjoy some alone time, reading or listening to your favorite book or podcast, or drive around and look at holiday lights with family and friends. Making time to gain perspective and take some breaths helps us remember what’s important to us.

As our interview with April was wrapping up, she shared she had qualified for the 2023 Boston Marathon. Her daily focus seems to be working!

Happy Holidays everyone! May they be filled with joy and resilience.

Visit or contact to connect. PZI knows the importance of resiliency. Our passion is helping people and providing companies with comprehensive services.

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