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New Success: "Hiring Our Heroes" Military Spouse Fellowship

PZI Group is testing an interesting candidate selection model: “Hiring Our Heroes” Military Spouse Fellowship Program.

First, from the HOH resumes received, we select candidates based on their skillset and set up an initial 20-minute informational chat. We identify how they came to the HOH program, identify what it is that they least like to do and what they want to learn. Through this process, we find more out about the military spouse and begin building a foundation of trust.

If the candidate chooses to move forward, we set up a second interview with the PZI leadership team. Here, the team leads give them direction on how their skill set best fits with our organization. This fulfills our #1 Goal - successful personal and professional development and an excitement to work at PZI.

We want retention. So an Experience Plan is in place to create a great experience that results in a new employee on our team! Now that’s a win-win!

PZI is proud to be a Military Spouse Employment Partner with the Department of Defense – and now a partner with “Hiring Our Heroes” Military Spouse Employment Fellowship program. CEO and President, Deborah E. McGee, and over 75% of our corporate team are current or former military spouses.

McGee states that being a military spouse was an important part of her DNA and helped her learn resiliency and that nothing was impossible. With 22 moves, raising 3 sons (2 currently serving in the military) McGee understands that so often you just need a company to take a chance on you.

Fortunately, global corporations such as Arthur Anderson and KPMG both took that chance on her early in her accounting career. As her husband was restationed over the years, McGee was able to transfer within her corporations to further her career. Today, she is determined to show that same type of commitment to those that still serve and support the warfighter every day.

McGee explains, “PZI is a global corporation in all regions of the world now. The services we provide to corporations are focused on ensuring we find solutions for global organizations and their team members that relocate, work abroad and take on new challenges. Military spouses just understand that mentality very well – it’s their lifestyle, not just a job.

The PZI team is empathetic to the relocating employee. So they are committed to seamlessly navigating our client’s employees’ relocation experience. They are there every step of the way to provide the comfort, care and solutions employees and their families need.

To learn more about PZI International Group and what we do that is different than other Human Capital Solutions Corporations, reach out to us at or via our website

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