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Updated: Oct 10, 2022


Expanding a business to the point of going global, is not only an exciting and busy time, but also a time full of possible pitfalls that not everyone sees coming. While the United States is a very task oriented society, many other countries lean towards being more relationship oriented. As growing companies expand in to the international market, face to face meetings in exotic locations are becoming more common. At PZI International, we can help you navigate these new waters so that you reach your path to success.

International HR – Easier Said, Than Done

You have a new international client and want to get to know them. So what better way to do that than to set up a meeting and visit them? It sounds easy when you think about it, doesn’t it? Your meeting is set and your travel is booked, but have you stopped to think about how your trip will affect the company and individual compliance? This is not something most sales groups or employees think of when planning a trip. These fine details are all “background stuff” that can be worked out later, once the securing of the new deal is worked out. However, when it comes to global business, you need to worry about that “background stuff” sooner rather than later.

When it comes to International HR jobs, so many things could go wrong along the way

Planning international travel has its own unique set of rules and regulations that can sometimes follow you throughout your entire trip. If you’re not prepared for the different rules and customs of the area you are visiting, your trip may end up more tragedy, than triumph.

  1. Some Travelers May Need A Specific Visa To Enter A Country To Accomplish Their Mission –  You Could Be Turned Around At Customs & Immigration, After A Very Long Flight, And Then There Goes That Relationship Building

  2. Did You Know That You Could Trigger An Individual Tax Filing Obligation In The Host Location? Income Is Earned Wherever You Are Physically Performing The Services, Not Where You Are Paid Or Even Who Is Bearing The Costs

  3. What Happens If You Get Sick Or Even Die? In Some Countries, Us Domestic Insurance Will Not Be Accepted At Local Hospitals. They Will Not Even See You If You Don’t Have International Health Insurance

  4. Did You Research The Local Language Or Customs? Commit The Wrong Offense And Not Only Will You Be Seen As “An Ugly American”, But You Could Become A Target For Theft Or Even Kidnap

  5. International Travel Can Trigger Certain Corporate Tax Obligations For The Business – Not Understanding What You Can And Cannot Do In A Foreign Location Could Have A Disastrous Corporate Tax Effects On The Corporation

  6. Sometimes The Accounting Department Charges The Host Location For The Time The Employee Spent In The Foreign Country – While From A Corporate Accounting Standpoint This Would Be Correct, It Also Changes The Employment Situation. It Causes Multiple Taxation Issues That Were Not Considered When The Chargebacks Were Put Into Place

Don’t panic! We are the experts in International Business.

Since 2014, PZI has provided highly transformative, customized international business and human capital management solutions to global corporations. Over the past two decades, our founder and CEO Deborah E. McGee developed a vision while innovating at successful multinational companies. Deborah's vision was to create a business with other highly-accomplished subject matter experts like herself and, in turn, effectively serve those managing global workforces. Whether a global corporation, government agency, or non-profit, PZI’s team is well-equipped to serve you in achieving your goals in improving performance. If you want to learn more about PZI Contact Us or visit our About page.

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